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 A guide to Find What You Want Through Google Searches.  By Don Finkeldei: Do you struggle to find articles on the internet about painting techniques and digital imaging (or any other topic)?  Here's how to use what's called search "operators" to use with a Google search to find exactly what you're searching for and eliminate what you don't want.

Operators are used to show useful results by limiting the search criteria to specific attributes of a web page (title, author, definition, phone book listings, etc.). You can search for definition of a term which will only give you dictionary definitions,  find text in articles, find titles of articles, info about people or authors, and much more!!  Google does this by  using an operator which limits the search.   An Operator ends with a colon and the search word or phrase immediately follow without spaces.  Below are some of the most efficient operators I've found (I've provided examples of the search type for each).  If you want to see all the operators CLICK HERE.  The operators below are left of the colon.  The search term is to the right.

The above operators are definition, info, phonebook, related, and allintext with a colon after and the the search word(s).  No spaces before the colon or after.If the operator begins with "allin..." that means that all the keywords you type must be in the seach.  Example: " allintext:limited palette cool warm gray " means that the search engine should look for text in website pages that contain ALL the words - palette, cool, warm and gray.



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