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How to Convert JPG Image Pixels to Print Size.  By Don Finkeldei:  I get a lot of questions about this.  It depends on the resolution.  Read on..

Using a Camera to Photograph Artwork.  By Don Finkeldei: Settings for best imaging of artwork.

Digital Imaging for Artists By Don Finkeldei.  What you need to know about digital images, file types, printing vs. viewing with a monitor, cameras and how to take a great photo of your artwork.

Photographing Artwork with a Digital Camera. By Don Finkeldei:  What you need to know about taking digital pictures.  What type of camera do you need?  megapixles?  Zoom?  How can I take the best pictures possible?

Manipulating Images in Photoshop.  By Don Finkeldei: How to use Photoshop to crop, Adjust color, format for website (jpg), email (jpg) or printing (high resolution tiff).