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Landscape Artists I Admire.  By Don Finkeldei:  A list of artists that I admire and some links to websites that have information on them.  I've collected information from all these artists.  I owe them all for what I know.

Deceased Artists:

Frank Reilly .  Frank was a revolutionary teacher of art at the N. Y. Students League teaching the Frank Reilly Method.  He wrote many books and taught many people.  Doug Higgins was one of his students.

Edgar Payne , .  (1882-1947) an early American Impressionist artist who lived and painted in California and the American Southwest.  Edgar Alwin Payne also wrote one of the best books on painting landscapes called Composition of Outdoor Painting.

John F. Carlson .  Known for his tonalist nature paintings, especially snow scenes, in conservative style, John Carlson was one of the leading landscape painters in America in the early 20th century. He founded the John F Carlson School of Landscape painting in Woodstock, New York, and in 1942, co-founded with Emile Gruppe a summer school in Gloucester. He was a proponent of juxtaposing light and shadow to capture the changing moods of nature.

Emile Gruppe .  (1896-1978) was an American painter born in Rochester, New York to Helen and Charles P. Gruppe. He lived the early years of his life in the Netherlands as his father Charles Paul Gruppe, painted with the Hague school of art and acted as a dealer for the Dutch painters in the US. The family returned permanently to the states around 1913 when rumblings of World War I were brewing. All of Emile’s siblings established themselves in the arts.

Living Artists:

Scott Christensen .  I like Scott because he uses the same type of palette and techniques  I do - A limited palette with grays.  I've never taken a class with Christensen but I've bought his instruction videos and find them very informative.

Richard Schmid . Educator, painter, and author of one of the standard painting books for all realist artists.  Richard’s initial studies in landscape painting, figure drawing, and anatomy began at the age of twelve and continued into classical techniques under William H. Mosby at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

Clyde Aspevig . Clyde  is a master of realistic landscapes of the American West.  He's a master of color, value and composition.  He's a pro at what he's trying to convey to the viewer.  He uses more colors on his palette - but, that's a matter of preference.  Most every color can be mixed just using the primary colors and a few others.

John Poon .  John relies on academic grounding in basic principles.  A very good artist.  I don't know what palette he uses, never taken a class by him, but I admire his artistic delivery in the paintings he does.

Doug Higgins  A student of Frank Reilly and a good friend.  He taught me a lot on location in plein air and in his studio. He also has an on-line book called The Frank Reilly School  of Art.

William Hook .  He has the fundamental knowledge of what makes a painting attractive.  He was an Illustrator in Kansas City.   Clear, concise with a balance of  composition.

Walt Gonske . He's a very loose painter but undertands EVERYTHING that makes a painting beautiful.  I love his work although it's not quite my style.  Maybe some day.

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